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Data-Driven TV Takes Center Stage in the Home (and at Cannes)

Krista Panoff
Blog Post06/13/2019
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During the last decade, advertising has been about chasing down the on-the-go consumer. The mobile phone was the tipping point of connectivity, as it became imperative to reach audiences no matter where they were — in those "micro-moments." And while mobile devices still play a major role in content consumption, the new era of TV reconnects us to the importance of home.

The question “what’s on TV tonight?” now invokes the Internet provider, not the cable company. Nearly 74% of American households report owning at least one Internet-connected TV device. The TV sets and devices may be different, but the home still plays a central role in viewing habits.

As the tide shifts toward IP-based delivery, it's hard to deny the business of TV at home is no longer linear — it’s fueled by OTT and CTV. According to data from video SSP Beachfront, ad requests on CTVs went from 1.7 billion in November 2017 to 29.9 billion in November 2018. 

The ability to unlock more data and precision targeting combined with premium content has propelled adoption of OTT advertising. The digitization of media has elicited smarter ways to execute audience-based targeting — so as TV undergoes this evolution, marketers have the opportunity to move beyond age and gender as the primary targeting signal. OTT Data Management Platform Tru Optik reports four out of every five targeted OTT impressions uses advanced data, not simple demographics.

But like any maturing channel, as marketers gain experience within Advanced TV, more attention should be paid to the quality of the data. For TV to become a more sophisticated advertising channel, with data-usage driving truly relevant and personalized experiences for the consumer, it requires data of the highest quality — data that’s scalable, from authenticated sources, constantly refreshed and privacy compliant.

While there’s no “golden ticket” for success as media companies and advertisers navigate these new TV waters, buyers and sellers in OTT and CTV environments can be grounded in consumer identities and household graphs powered by secure and accurate data. PII then becomes an even more important piece of the puzzle for identity resolution and connecting into the household graph. Let’s face it, if we want to move toward that “source of truth,” marketers need to know people beyond just a device.

If you're attending Cannes Lions, on Tuesday, June 18, TransUnion’s EVP of Marketing Solutions and Head of Media Vertical, Matt Spiegel, will have a deeper, executive-level discussion on this topic alongside Andre Swanston, CEO of Tru Optik and Allyson Witherspoon, VP of Marketing Communications and Media at Nissan. Together, they'll explore the role of data in the next evolution of TV, the impact of identity, and how CTV and OTT scales.

I invite you to join us for lunch and conversation on where OTT is going in 2019 and beyond, and the role home and identity plays in that equation.

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