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Financial Inclusion by Design

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Financial Inclusion by Design is a space for TransUnion to host informative conversations about creating pathways for inclusive and equitable participation in the modern economy.  We encourage service providers, policy makers and consumer advocates to listen to the conversations to and find new ways that your work can help design a more inclusive and equitable marketplace. 

Hosted by Tracie Anderson, Economic Inclusion Strategy Leader for the US, our first series focuses on rent payment reporting as a game changer in designing for financial inclusion in the marketplace.

Part 1: A Conversation with Esusu

Our first episode welcomes Samir Goel, Co-Founder of Esusu, and Maitri Johnson, Vice President, Tenant and Employment at TransUnion, to the podcast. Together, the three leaders speak about the importance of rental payment data, including TransUnion and Esusu’s efforts to expand economic opportunity for consumers through alternative data reporting.

Part 2: A Conversation with Credit Builders Alliance

Tracie chats with Dara Duguay, CEO of Credit Builders Alliance, about the benefits of reporting rental data.  The pair discuss rental payment reporting as a pathway to expanding economic opportunity for consumers — plus information about Credit Builders Alliance’s ongoing work to help borrowers with poor or no credit build positive credit histories.

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