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Government Information Solutions Division Launches

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Earlier this month TransUnion launched a new division to support Government’s efforts against fraud, data breaches and other areas of need.

Our new group provides benefit eligibility verification, identity authentication, data breach response, investigation services, fraud prevention, and other key solutions to federal, state and local government agencies in the United States. TransUnion’s solutions help both private and government sector organizations manage risk and reduce costs.

These comprehensive and proprietary sets of credit, criminal and public data, coupled with flexible analytics, help government agencies make informed decisions in support of increased citizen safety. We’re uniquely positioned to help agencies detect and reduce fraud and cybercrimes while discovering connections between people, businesses, assets and locations.

Our data and solutions help enable government agencies to better identify and differentiate between citizens and fraudsters. Government agencies are doing their best to battle tax fraud and to reduce the tax gap, but annual changes to tax laws and state-by-state tax exemptions only compound the problem, making it a constantly moving target. We have the right procurement vehicles, data sets, certifications and innovative solutions to help the public sector meet its mission now and in the future.

The pace of federal spending has skyrocketed and agencies are making significant investments in protecting the data entrusted to them. TransUnion is well positioned to help government agencies identify potential tax fraud, detect when it is occurring, and investigate, prosecute and prevent it from happening again.

Access to TransUnion solutions are simple for most government agencies through TransUnion’s General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 520/FABS/Consolidated contract (GS-00F-226CA), NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) contract and other procurement vehicles. By accessing these platforms, government agencies can leverage financial management, risk assessment, investigative and mitigation services for fast, easy-to-use procurement.

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