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Partnering with MRI Software – More Residents, Clearer Decisions, Complete Confidence

Marj Bailey
Blog Post12/13/2017

''MRI Software believes the multi-family market should have access to the most innovative solutions and services to optimize their operations. That belief perfectly encapsulates our partnership with TransUnion—which has been invaluable from an account management, product development and sales enablement perspective. As a result, we’ve both expanded business which is the true measure of a successful partnership.”

- Ben Berk, director of MRI’s Partner Connect



TransUnion is proud to be a key participant in MRI’s Partner Connect program, which focuses on building relationships and integrations for mutual customers that offer a “complete confidence”, lower risk solution to property management processes. Through this strong and valued alignment, MRI has been able to offer TransUnion’s ResidentScreening and rent payment reporting capabilities.

Built specifically for the multi-family industry, TransUnion’s ResidentScreening uses a unique ResidentScore that draws analysis on more than 500,000 actual resident records to help you predict bad outcomes. ResidentScreening can provide “clearer decisions”—easy to understand credit, criminal and eviction recommendations, custom policies, and reports—without ever leaving MRI! Available through MRI’s Screening Select, you’ll also get one of the most current and predictive scoring systems, which boosts confidence that you’re letting in the highest quality residents while turning away those less likely to pay. You’ll also be equipped with superior predictability in a single model—regardless of property type. The result: Acceptance of more qualified applicants with minimal loss of occupancy. All accomplished within 60 seconds!

New to the MRI TransUnion partnership is the ability of MRI’s customers to report their residents’ rent payments to TransUnion at no charge! ResidentCredit can help you attract more renters by making their largest monthly payment matter, and encourages them to pay on time. Based on a TransUnion survey in 2014, 51% of renters would be more likely to choose a property if their rent payments were reported to credit bureaus. This solution allows properties to acquire “more residents” through this marketing differentiator. Residents are also apt to be more diligent knowing their payment appears on their credit reports.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services TransUnion provides through our partnership with MRI, please contact your TransUnion sales representative.

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