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TransUnion Online Employment Background Checks for Small Business

The New Pre-Employment Screening Tool Helping Small Businesses Make Big Decisions Faster

Small businesses need new employment screening tools

In the US there are five million companies with fewer than 20 employees*. They need to hire the best people and feel confident about their hiring decisions.

Credit data and other consumer reports are valuable inputs when making hiring decisions, but small businesses often cannot access consumer reports because they can lack business attributes to gain necessary credentials available to larger businesses to fully screen for great hires.

In fact, criminal background checks were cited, by a wide margin, as the most desired service sought by nearly half (44%) of microbusiness executives, according to a 2017 TransUnion survey**.

These small businesses need a way to manage risk and protect themselves.

A new era for pre-employment screening

To better support small businesses, TransUnion built ShareAble for Hires. This new employment screening service is designed specifically to empower job applicants and hiring managers to quickly — and securely — share important personal information.

ShareAble for Hires allows:

  • Job applicants safely share personal information to quickly land their dream job
  • Small businesses get immediate access to powerful, regulated screening tools
  • Job openings filled by ideal candidates, potentially on the spot, with trusted reports

Job applicants want to land that dream job and start the next chapter of their careers. Small businesses want to hire the best people and onboard as soon as possible. TransUnion helps both parties realize their ambitions and goals when using ShareAble for Hires.

Sadly, many pre-employment background checks and online screening tools can be inefficient, expensive and require screeners to have special credentials to access critical hiring information. ShareAble for Hires erases these roadblocks for small business employers by giving job applicants the power to share their information when they want and with whom they want. This seamlessly shares the important verification info required by employers.

Here’s how ShareAble for Hires is able to do this:

ShareAble Consumer-Centric Info Flow

With TransUnion ShareAble’s patented “consumer push” process, small businesses can direct access to FCRA-regulated reports and dramatically increase the speed of pre-employment screening compared to traditional methods.

Traditional screening was problematic

The hiring process can get bogged down by long wait-times for traditional background checks. During the lengthy wait for screening reports, applicants remain out of work and small businesses sit on the sidelines unable to staff up to get their important work completed.

The two largest employment screening pain-points for small businesses relate to speed and efficiency.

Most Significant Background Check Challenges (2018)

ShareAble for Hires is your solution

For small businesses and job applicants, a lot of time can be wasted by using traditional background checks to review credit and criminal history.

Avoid the slowdowns and hire sooner using ShareAble for Hires.

ShareAble is the only service on the market that can offer pre-employment credit reports without traditional credentialing or set up fees.

Now you can skip the typical red tape with traditional employment screening and get immediate access to powerful tools to quickly complete employment background checks. Full reports are generated by TransUnion — a leading credit reporting agency for over four decades. Both hiring companies and prospective employees rely on these critical insights to make confident employment decisions.

By delivering near-instant background information, credit history, and identification reports, ShareAble for Hires enables employers and job applicants alike to safely share, verify and protect sensitive personal data that must be evaluated.

TransUnion ShareAble for Hires Solves Employment Screening Needs for Small Business

Power to the people

ShareAble for Hires is not only built to help small businesses but also to empower consumers to be in control of how they share their data, allowing them to leverage its strength to achieve great things. By giving job applicants more control of how they share their private information, when they share it and with whom they share it, ShareAble for Hires gives consumers more power in the background check process. They’re able to safely share important information with prospective employers, get screened more quickly, and sit in their new corner office in no time.

Designed specifically to be a more sensible way for small businesses to screen job applicants, ShareAble for Hires gives both parties a portal to share accurate information fast, so hiring can happen now.

One of a kind

ShareAble for Hires is the only service on the market that can offer FCRA-quality pre-employment credit reports in minutes. This puts the employer in the driver’s seat in terms of getting access to screening tools and important information very quickly in order to make a more informed hiring decision.

Other benefits include:

Simple pricing for pre-employment screening

Whether you screen once a year or once a week, only pay for ShareAble for Hires when you use it. No subscriptions or memberships required. Unlike other online screening tools, ShareAble For Hires has no setup fees.  No minimums either.

Immediate access to full credit reports

Traditional screening companies require a lengthy membership process in order to pull credit reports on prospective employees. This involves undergoing onsite inspections, paying additional fees and filling out stacks of paperwork. ShareAble for Hires bypasses these barriers to hiring great people quickly. Employers and prospective employees are empowered from the start and applicants have the ability to share their information with the employer in a secure way — all in just minutes.

Reliable results for hiring the best

ShareAble for Hires delivers insightful reports trusted by many companies in a variety of industries including police departments, nursing staffing agencies, local government, construction companies, and thousands of others small businesses***.  Our data-matchlogic scans vast credit, personal, and address history databases to more accurately match applicants to their report histories.

FCRA compliant

Stay in step with the Fair Credit Reporting Act when using ShareAble for hires. The pre-employment consumer reports are regulated under the FCRA.

3 Easy Steps: Send Request, ID Verification, Reports Delivered

Get free sign-up access to reliable and easy-to-use screening tools. Once your applicant accepts their invitation to screen, ShareAble for Hires gives you broad coverage with 400 million criminal records, 230 million credit histories and 100 million employment records across 50 states. 

Within minutes, you can receive critical information about your candidate’s credit profile and criminal history.


Unlike big companies with big HR departments, small businesses may not have resources to manage background checks or get access to screening tools.

But now there is TransUnion Shareable for Hires — an online pre-employment screening service built specifically to help small businesses quickly screen applicants with reliable data from a trusted source. ShareAble for Hires gives small businesses a way to screen their applicants in a quick, easy, convenient way.

With traditional screening services, you might wait days or even weeks to get results. But with ShareAble for Hires you’ll get immediate access to powerful, employment screening tools that enable you to fast-track your hiring process so that you can get back to business.

Within minutes, you’ll receive reports from TransUnion containing critical information about an applicant’s credit history and criminal background. The reports you receive are compliant with state and federal consumer reporting laws.

Other benefits include:

  • Consumer authorizes sharing their information
  • Credit and criminal reports delivered in minutes
  • Easy to sign up on almost any device
  • Reports designed to comply with the FCRA
  • Reports designed specifically for use in employment decisions
  • Superior coverage: 400M criminal records, 100M employment records
  • Advanced match logic means you get the right records returned

The platform enables small business owners and job applicants across virtually any industry to share sensitive, private data in a safe way. These pre-employment screening services provide reliable, accurate criminal background checks, credit history and identity reports while giving you time to focus on the rest of your busy day.

ShareAble for Hires.  Helping small businesses make big decisions.

*U.S. Small Business Association, 2013 Statistics of U.S. Businesses

**In 2017, TransUnion surveyed 1,511 respondents at U.S.-based companies with 1-29 employees. The respondents for the survey were employees responsible for screening process/hiring decisions at their company.

***Based on ShareAble For Hires self-reported customer information

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