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Smarter Decisions through Big Data

Blog Post11/24/2015

It was exciting to see this fall’s Big Data Special from CIO Review featuring our CEO and President, Jim Peck. In the cover story article, Jim talked about everything from building financial inclusion through alternative data, meeting customer needs and the IPO earlier this year.

When discussing bringing the benefits of credit to the underserved and underbanked populations, Jim said, “Today, more than 60 million U.S. consumers are considered unscorable and do not have access to the credit they deserve.” By using alternative data assets, lenders can gain a more holistic view of consumers, beyond traditional credit data.

The article brought to light how TransUnion, as a risk and information solutions provider, is using diverse sets of data and analytic solutions to deliver meaningful insights to help businesses and consumers spot opportunities and manage risk.

“We see information not for what it is, but for what it can help people achieve. And we believe, with the right information, people can achieve great things,” said Jim.

He continued, “With our advanced analytics and specialized market experience, we leverage data and capabilities that enable both consumers and lenders to make better decisions and meet their finance objectives.”

As the leader of a company with years of experience leveraging big data to enable informed credit decisions, Jim also addressed taking credit reports and scoring beyond its finance horizon.

“TransUnion has transformed and expanded beyond our core credit bureau operations to cover insurance, healthcare, rental screening, revenue cycle management, law enforcement, government services, marketing and more,” Jim stated.

A few key takeaways were Jim’s thoughts on easy-to-understand credit reports, monitoring and scoring solutions, and tools and educational resources to help consumers better understand credit information. He also shared a personal story about TransUnion’s SmartMove® solution, which brings greater certainty to business decisions for property management companies.

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