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Supporting and Sustaining Black Homeownership with HomeFree-USA

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In the United States, racial disparities remain widespread in key parts of the mainstream financial system like homeownership. In fact, as the racial homeownership gap recently reached its highest level in nearly 50 years, data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that Black Americans have the lowest national homeownership rate when compared to white and Hispanic Americans. Empowering Black Americans to build their credit, a critical stepping stone to securing a mortgage, is one way to contribute to closing this gap. 

As part of our shared commitment to financial inclusion, TransUnion is partnering with HomeFree-USA, a premier nonprofit organization committed to closing the homeownership gap and promoting financial empowerment to support Black American homebuyers in building credit and achieving sustainable homeownership. TransUnion is providing the CreditView Dashboard® — a tool providing consumers with on-demand access to education and guidance to reach their goals — free of charge as part of HomeFree-USA’s credit counseling and education program. “TransUnion’s contributions to HomeFree-USA are part of a series of actions supporting our commitment to expand financial access for people in the United States and across the globe,” said Tracie Anderson, Economic Inclusion Strategy Leader at TransUnion.

Learn more about this impactful partnership by watching the video below.



The partnership between TransUnion and HomeFree-USA also supports the organization’s engagement with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). HomeFree-USA provides financial education to students and faculty at seven schools through the Center for Financial Advancement® – a program geared at preparing an inclusive pipeline of Gen Zs for leadership in the financial services industry and future homeownership.

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