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Synthetic Fraud Calculator

Blog Post07/10/2019
Fraud and Identity Management

Synthetic fraudsters can pass traditional identity verification because they own the identity and often utilize true consumer information. However, these synthetic fraud threats can be captured before they have an effect your bottom line. This calculator simulates potential synthetic fraud that could be impacting your business.

Note: Pre-fill numbers are examples for a large card issuer and can be changed to estimate potential synthetic fraud for your organization.

Synthetic Fraud Cases

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{{ errors.first('synthetic-fraud-rate') }}

Synthetic Fraud Cases/Month

{{ this.formatNumber(monthlySyntheticFraud) }}

Synthetic Fraud Cases/Year

{{ this.formatNumber(yearlySyntheticFraud) }}

Synthetic Fraud Chargeoff


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Chargeoff Cases/Month

{{ this.monthlyChargeoffCases }}

Chargeoff Cases/Year

{{ this.yearlyChargeoffCases }}

Annualized $$ lent to unknown identities

${{ formatPrice(animatedFinalLent) }}

Annualized Chargeoff $$ for unknown identities

${{ formatPrice(animatedFinalChargeoff) }}

TransUnion can help you  fight synthetic fraud

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