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The Future of Identity Verification in Gaming is Automated

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As more states legalize online gaming and more players go digital, it’s increasingly important for operators to accurately verify player identities. When mobile betting went live in New York at the start of 2022, residents wagered more than $1.6 billion in January alone.

With more on the line, some operators are challenged by outdated systems and manual reviews — which slows the process and could make identity checks less reliable. The complexity and time required to verify legitimate players makes a data-centric approach to identity verification imperative.

If you haven’t been able to put procedures in place to adequately protect yourself during the race to bring on new players — now is the time.

The stakes are higher

Protect your business from fraud while ensuring a player experience that’s fast, smooth and without roadblocks — while simultaneously protecting players from gaming beyond their means. To keep players happy and fraudsters out, the process must happen in real time.

The industry as a whole has largely prioritized the player experience due to the risk of player abandonment. But that leaves the business open to fraud. The solution is to ensure identity proofing, fraud detection and user authentication capabilities work together.

Our Global Digital Fraud Trends Report found:

  • Gaming fraud rose by 35% in one year
  • Nearly 90% of participants said ease of authentication and account setup are key factors when choosing who to transact with online
  • Two-thirds of people surveyed would switch companies for a better digital experience

Close the door on fraud

  • Prevent bonus abuse
  • Shut down fraud rings
  • Keep charge-back levels low
  • Combat identity theft
  • Stop account takeover

Data-centric identify verification

Verification uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and biometrics to automate the verification process and help operators improve conversion rates, comply with AML and KYC regulations, and better detect fraud — all while delivering a definitive yes or no decision in seconds.

Our approach measures confidence levels for each player: who they are, where they are and what devices they’re using.

Unite personal and digital identities into one

Using a full range of identity proofing capabilities balances the often competing demands of trust, compliance and player experience.  

Verify identities

Expose risk and establish trust by verifying player identities against a broad set of credit and non-credit data sources. Vet new players and detect bad actors with simple, reliable and compliant digital verification. 

Verify documents

Perform instant data capture and verification checks for documents. To verify documents, you can securely capture documentation like driver’s license or passport using the camera on the individual’s device.

Requiring an ID document and a corroborating picture reduces friendly fraud and ensures the player creating the account is who they claim to be.

Expose risky devices

Prevent digital fraud in real time with device risk technology that uncovers fraud patterns and reveals links between devices and accounts. 

Authenticate devices

Get transparent, risk-aware device authentication that registers good devices, detects evasion attempts and authenticates without passwords — all in real time. 

Solutions that make trust possible between operators and players

The TransUnion® TruValidateTM suite of identity verification services helps you:

  • Expose risk by verifying identities against thousands of credit and non-credit data sources
  • Use authentication methods tailored to level of risk
  • Reduce fraud and stay compliant
  • Support responsible initiatives
  • Deliver a seamless player experience

Learn more today about how to protect your business and focus on offering effective, personalized and friction-right experiences.

Do you have questions? Our team is ready to help.