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Data Enhances Effectiveness of Public Health Agencies’ Contact Tracing Programs

Jonathan McDonald, Executive Vice President, Public Sector
Blog Post07/17/2020
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As public health agencies across the country struggle to balance reopening local economies while mitigating the spread of COVID-19, their ability to manage effective contact tracing programs is critical. TransUnion just added new functionality to TLOxp® that will help public health agencies run more efficient communicable disease contact tracing investigations.

The new TLOxp® Contact Trace Report puts valuable relationship information at the fingertips of contact tracers who may only get partial information from a potentially infected individual.

Help agencies get the data they need for more effective investigations
The Contact Trace Report provides valuable information to public health agencies and authorities operating under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Contact Tracing Workflow.

TLOxp Contact Trace Report

The Contact Trace Report helps support public health agencies in several ways:

  • Quickly and easily understand relational insights that can promote successful contact tracing programs
  • Confirming identities and locating individuals who may be infected with COVID-19
  • Using the most current public data to create contact lists of those persons who may have come in contact with an infected individual
  • Accessing the needed data in one efficient report

Empowering contact tracers to locate individuals quickly
Protecting American lives as we reopen the country is paramount. Considering current circumstances, the ability to quickly locate and contact potentially infected individuals is more important than ever. When time is of the essence, the combination of actionable data and essential tools will make the utmost difference in today’s evolving environment. The Contact Trace Report from TLOxp is designed to give contact tracers the information they need to be successful.

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