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TransUnion announces agreement to acquire Healthcare Payment Specialists

TransUnion has announced its agreement to acquire Healthcare Payment Specialists (HPS), a leader in helping healthcare providers optimize Medicare reimbursement.

HPS’s Medicare reimbursement solution strengthens TransUnion Healthcare’s Revenue ProtectionTM portfolio, with innovative technology that helps healthcare providers identify and recover Medicare reimbursements that they otherwise would not have received. Medicare accounts for 20% of total healthcare expenditures in the U.S., and the market for Medicare reimbursement optimization solutions is growing rapidly.

TransUnion Healthcare’s leading Revenue Protection solutions leverage our extensive information assets and capabilities to help healthcare providers prevent revenue leakage and maximize reimbursements, aiding in their ability to prioritize patient health and well-being.

HPS helps healthcare providers maximize Medicare reimbursement by focusing on payment areas where superior technology and deep domain expertise can drive significant improvements, such as Medicare Bad Debt (MBD) and Medicare Disproportionate Share (DSH).

HPS also has complementary solutions to TransUnion Healthcare in the areas of Transfer Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG) and Indirect Medical Education/Shadow Billing. Our combined capabilities will provide even greater value to providers and patients by helping to maximize reimbursement and ultimately improve the patient financial experience.

TransUnion Healthcare’s Revenue Protection solutions help hospitals prevent revenue leakage by engaging patients early, ensuring that their earned revenue gets paid, and optimizing their collection strategies. We work with more than 1,500 hospitals and health systems and have protected over $3 billion in net revenue and cash to date for our entire client base.

With each growth opportunity, we’re committed to continuing to make a difference to the consumers and businesses we serve using information and providing products to help people make better decisions that can transform their lives, fuel thriving economies and increase financial inclusion around the world.

We are looking forward to sharing more information once we obtain regulatory approval to finalize the transaction, which we expect in the second quarter.To learn more about this exciting news,  read our news release.



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