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TransUnion announces agreement to acquire iovation to strengthen fraud and identity solutions

Geoff Miller
Blog Post05/18/2018
Banner image for TransUnion announces agreement to acquire iovation to strengthen fraud and identity solutions

TransUnion has agreed to acquire iovation, one of the most advanced providers of device-based information in the world.

iovation has unique device identity and consumer authentication capabilities that help businesses and consumers seamlessly and safely transact in a digital world.

TransUnion has long been at the forefront of developing innovative fraud and identity solutions, and together with iovation, we will create an unmatched network of offline and online identities that will help make transactions faster and more secure, while providing a frictionless experience for consumers.

iovation pioneered the device intelligence industry and provides a highly advanced digital device reputation consortium, with insight into nearly 5 billion unique devices from more than 35,000 leading brands across more than 50 countries. 

With technologies that can dynamically identify new fraud patterns as they emerge, TransUnion and iovation’s combined solutions will empower customers to quickly incorporate and adapt strategies to the fast-changing and evolving fraud landscape.

Our combined solutions will empower trusted relationships by identifying, monitoring and protecting both businesses and consumers as they interact online all around the world. Furthermore, our broad coverage of identities and devices will enable continued innovation in advanced analytics to confidently detect threats across channels, markets and geographies, to equip customers to grow and differentiate their businesses by emphasizing superior user experiences at all touchpoints.

iovation’s extensive customer base and channel partners -- including Callcredit, our pending acquisition in the U.K. -- will also expand TransUnion’s footprint globally and in markets like gaming and retail. TransUnion already provides fraud and identity solutions worldwide across a variety of sectors including financial services, government, healthcare and insurance.

With each growth opportunity, we’re committed to continuing to make a difference to the consumers and businesses we serve using information and providing products to help people make better decisions that can transform their lives, fuel thriving economies and increase financial inclusion around the world.

We are looking forward to sharing more information once we obtain regulatory approval to finalize the transaction, which we expect late in the second quarter or early in the third quarter.

To learn more about this exciting news,  read our news release.

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