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TransUnion Expands People-Based Marketing Capabilities with Acquisition of Signal

Matt Spiegel
Blog Post08/17/2020
TransUnion Expands People-Based Marketing Capabilities with Acquisition of Signal

By Matt Spiegel, Executive Vice President, Marketing Solutions and Head of Media Vertical, TransUnion

As today’s digitally savvy consumers expect more relevant and tailored marketing experiences, TransUnion is joining forces with Signal, a Chicago-based technology company, to expand our capabilities. TransUnion is committed to helping our customers use data and insights to provide a better experience for their customers, and Signal’s offerings complement our existing marketing solutions.

Signal’s solutions are grounded in real-time data collection and its platform makes it easier for companies to structure, organize and leverage consumer data. The company has great proficiency in customer retention and loyalty. In combining these, we are able to bring our business customers a more complete solution.

This acquisition represents a further investment by TransUnion to establish leadership in people-based, identity-enabled marketing solutions following our 2019 acquisition of TruSignal and investment in Tru Optik.

TransUnion is well positioned to provide accurate and comprehensive consumer data and identity information for marketing use. Our relentless focus on marketing solutions that are people-based represents the future of marketing effectiveness and delivers mutual value to the marketing ecosystem and the consumer.

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