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Unlocking Efficiency: A Closer Look at TruLookup Q3 Updates

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We’re excited to share some noteworthy TruLookup™ developments that took place in the third quarter of 2023 and beyond. Our team has been hard at work refining and expanding the capabilities of this product line to ensure your experience remains insightful, productive and fruitful.

TruLookup Motor Vehicle Report (MVR): Now available in TLOxp®, MVRs allow you to evaluate an individual’s driving history to perform investigations, manage claims and detect fraud. Sourced from State Department of Motor Vehicles, these new reports allow you to assess driver behavior or locate individuals by tapping directly into driving record data. This is a new complement to our cost-effective court record violation database to give you one portal for robust coverage. Learn more about MVRs and TruLookup’s entire Driving Record Solution suite.

TruLookup Phone Batch Append: With billions of active phone numbers in the US, finding the right one is a game changer for right-party contact (RPC) applications. Enhanced Batch Phone Append discovers fresh, actionable phone numbers using the best of both TransUnion and Neustar phone data and analytics in a combined solution. Best time to call information is now also available as an add-on service.

Identity Prefill for Websites and Call Centers: Many industries and organizations need fast, reliable methods for onboarding a consumer with their correct personal information. Processes that ask too many questions, take multiple screens or require consumers to repeat information for call center agents can frustrate prospective consumers or subscribers, causing abandonment or applications with missing or incorrect information. Ensure you’re capturing the best data on a consumer and providing a smooth experience by prefilling their data during account creation, call center interactions and more.

TruLookup Predictive Attributes Enhancement: Organizations need data and insights that help them identify risk, optimize their portfolios and prevent fraud. It often takes significant data science and analytic resources to stand up such in-house capabilities to analyze and understand attributes. Using public records, identity and asset data, Predictive Attributes identify non-obvious risks to help you uncover vulnerabilities. Now, customers are no longer required to have both GLBA and DPPA permitted use cases to access our Predictive Attributes solution. Learn more about Predictive Attributes.

As always, TransUnion remains committed to providing you with meaningful insights at a great value. To learn more about TruLookup, call 800-856-5599 or visit


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