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User Experience Helps Humanize Your Customers’ Digital Experiences

Blog Post09/10/2020
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Insurance UX Testing: The Secret to Humanizing Digital Experiences

It is no secret that user experience (UX) is an important part of how insurance companies translate their data into actionable insights. The understandings collected by UX software helps companies recognize how to provide the most seamless digital experiences possible, while also addressing problems like high abandon rates.

It’s no longer enough to wonder where and why customers become dissatisfied while they navigate a website. Instead, it’s becoming an industry standard to measure the impact of each step on the digital journey with UX software.

There are three prevalent market problems insurance companies encounter:

#1. I need to understand where and why my customers become dissatisfied during digital acquisition.

For insurance companies who want to understand why their customers are leaving before completing the necessary forms, it’s essential to have a strong understanding about questions that are unfamiliar, confusing or challenging for applicants. It’s also important to diagnose problematic user interface issues or bugs that could be driving abandonment, or frustration at the very least.  

This is an important problem to solve, as it lets carriers decide which questions to remove from their forms and which need reworking in order to produce a better quote experience. 

#2. I need to apply rapid, ongoing iterations to respond to evolving customer behavior.

Website changes should be well thought out and holistic. General and insufficient data can be a barrier to creating a plan for appropriate web updates, making it nearly impossible to execute any meaningful changes to online forms.

UX testing and lead buying are both costly endeavors for carriers. Having visibility into the relationship between website updates and related friction and behavior is important to optimize these investments for maximum ROI.

#3. I need a standard by which I can evaluate my UX.

If you’re thinking about a digital transformation project you may be wondering where to begin the journey. You may need guidance on where to focus first and what benchmarks will help you understand the work you need to accomplish.

A UX assessment can help inform a new strategy and also provide a standard to evaluate your customer experience against. By quantifying your UX with a measurement of friction, you can establish a baseline and understand, through data, where you are today and how your UX efforts are improving your digital customer journey.

How TransUnion can help

The good news is that many user-experience problems you face can be solved. TransUnion offers a way to gain insight and understanding into how to improve the digital customer experience.

Neuro-ID’s innovative solutions, presented by TransUnion, can help you understand why your abandon rates are so high by:

  • Capturing a new, real-time source of behavioral data by revealing the digital body language of every user with patented technology
  • Establishing a baseline of pain points for users by translating each digital interaction into meaningful insight
  • Revealing where and why unnecessary friction is occurring
  • Producing a scientific industry score of customer experience that assesses the quality of your customer experience


When you engage user design to help understand why your customers became dissatisfied, you can expect to:

  • Gain insight into customers and their pain points
  • Improve quote and sales conversion
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase A/B testing cadence
  • Measure and optimize the performance of A/B testing
  • Improve awareness of behaviors behind positive and negative experience
  • Achieve data-driven conclusions about your UX
  • Attain consistent standards to continually evaluate and monitor UX
  • Reach enhanced UX testing capabilities
  • Create the ability to define and improve brand image


The insurance industry has been trending toward improved digital transformation for years, but the events of COVID-19 have fast-tracked the focus on customer experience and need for change. The pairing of TransUnion consumer identity and device information with real-time behavioral insights through Neuro-ID’s solution can provide superior value and enable insurers to better engage and understand their customers.

It’s time to accelerate your digital transformation.

To learn more about the UX solutions TransUnion offers, through its partnership with Neuro-ID, contact Michelle Jackson.

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