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Veterans Move More: What it Means for State Agencies

Service member hugging family.

One of the biggest challenges facing state Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) is finding constituents. Without access to a national registry, state agencies can struggle to accurately identify, engage and serve veterans who live in their state. In fact, a recent TransUnion analysis found US veterans move across state lines more frequently than non-veterans.

The analysis conducted by TransUnion compared 25,000 US veterans, 30-80 years old, with an equal number of non-veterans in the same age range, over the past five years. The findings quantify the amount of turnover state-level VA departments can expect to see in their databases over time.

Prior research from the US Department of Veterans Affairs found only half (49%) of veterans utilize at least one VA service or benefit available to them — and only 45% of that group utilize more than one service or benefit. With services underutilized, more up-to-date, accurate location and contact data could bridge VA agencies and service members — especially for veterans who are highly mobile.

Find out how frequently veterans move across state lines compared to non-veterans. View the infographic here.

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