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Resources to prepare your business and consumers for COVID-19 economic impacts

As organizations consider the impacts of an economic downturn, we’ve gathered resources to help you and shared strategies you can implement now.

TransUnion is committed to helping your organization and the consumers you serve

The dramatic reduction in economic activity from COVID-19 is impacting consumers, who are losing their jobs or suffering financially. Here are resources and solutions to help you serve your customers and mitigate risk in this uncertain time.

We are here to help you manage risk and serve your customers through any market conditions. To learn more about how TransUnion can help your organization, contact your sales rep or fill out the form below.

Consumer Pulse

Our global Consumer Pulse study, formerly Consumer Financial Hardship, provides essential and timely insights into the rapidly evolving financial concerns and impact to consumers resulting from the COVID-19 health crisis.

Consider increased use of your digital channels

Consumers may look for revolving credit, mortgage refinance or HELOC products for additional liquidity. With social distancing in place, lenders need strong digital solutions to meet the needs of new and current customers.

Businesses will need to modernize their strategies for engaging and serving consumers.

Monthly Credit Industry Snapshot: Financial Services

To track the rapid changes in consumer behavior and lender accommodations, we publish a monthly summary of key credit metrics for the four major loan categories: credit card, auto finance, mortgage and unsecured personal loans. The Monthly Credit Industry Snapshot will give lenders additional insight on consumer credit trends to help guide crisis response strategies.

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