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Consumer Interactive SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer

Growing up in a country where the poverty level is very high, my passion for our society and environment began at an early age. Because of this, I’ve dedicated my life to education, and it has impacted my life in countless, meaningful ways. It brought me to TransUnion, where I head the product team that brings our financial solutions to consumers. It’s also why I jumped at the opportunity to create a sustainability office for TU. I couldn’t help myself — it combines providing economic opportunity to markets around the world and my mission of creating a better society. TU saw my vision and let me go after it. They trusted me enough to keep my team running smoothly and take on this new challenge at the same time.

I whole-heartedly believe if we do what’s right for our stakeholders, consumers, investors and associates, we’ll have a stronger organization. We have a purpose in the economic fabric of the communities and countries where we operate. We help people and businesses access economic opportunities, we protect identities, we have solutions that will keep individuals safe. All of the work I want to do to improve society is already built into TU’s identity. The sustainability office isn’t about re-inventing who we are but instead focusing on the management of our principles and guidelines. And for me, I’m able to pursue my personal passions and career aspirations at the same time.


Implementation Analysis Manager and Out and About President

I’ve never been one to fit a mold. I moved a few times growing up, so I’ve always been myself and learned how to own it. For me, TransUnion has always allowed me to feel comfortable doing that. I’ve never felt like I had to ‘come out’ at work. I’ve just always been who I am, and people have accepted me for it.

Whether it’s in my personal or professional life, I try my best to make sure people feel comfortable embracing their true selves while building genuine relationships. At TU, Out and About, our LGBTQ networking resource group, has helped me to continue doing that on a larger scale.

I’m so grateful that TU gives Out and About the opportunity to lend our support to local and national events during Pride Month and throughout the year. This year, we took part in the 5th Annual Professionals Do Pride event, contributing donations to support the Center on Halsted — an organization serving Chicago’s LGBTQ community. Members of our chapter participated in the city’s 38th Annual ‘Proud to Run’ event, which benefitted local LGBTQ non-profit organizations.


Leadership Development Senior Director

My son is my daily source of inspiration. Even with low functioning autism, he wakes up every day ready to tackle whatever comes his way with a smile. He’s the reason I’ve pursued a career in leadership development — because I want to help leaders see ability over disability and unlock human potential; to create a world where everyone can thrive. I’m so thankful to work for an organization that gives me creative license to do that. Between the outstanding health benefits that TU offers and support from my team, I can come to work very whole.


Senior Accounting Lead and African-Diaspora Alliance President

I know first-hand how powerful being mentored can be. Whether I’m mentoring my team members or local high schools students on how to protect themselves from credit abuse and achieve financial freedom, I feel energized about making a difference the way my mentors did for me. It’s also why I led the effort to establish TU’s first networking organization for black associates. It’s become a community where we not only have a voice, we support and mentor each other. We are not afraid to express our individuality. We’re focused on what we create and how we can educate ourselves and fellow associates.


Financial Analyst

Without TransUnion, I don’t know where I’d be. I came to TU my junior year of high school as a part of Genesys Works. It was a big motivator in terms of realizing my own potential. My coworkers were the only ones in my life really pushing me to apply for college, which wasn’t initially something I intended to do. Not only did I decide to go to college, I was able to work at TU while in school. Ultimately, I took on a full-time role after graduation, and because I pursued that opportunity, I accomplished a lot of important goals in my personal life — like owning a home at the age of 23. My TU colleagues taught me to strive for better even when no one else was expecting that from me. Because of that faith, I grew to have faith in myself and achieve things I would have never dreamed of.