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We're a force for good


Our culture is welcoming, energetic and innovative

There’s an overall synergy that flows throughout the company, creating a sense of unity in knowing that

we’re all working to achieve the same overall goal.

Find interest and meaning in the work you do here.

You’ll have the ability to work with talented people and groundbreaking products to make trust possible.

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Collaborate across business units and global locations.

Take advantage of our health and wellness resources to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.

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Unleash your potential and discover a wealth of opportunities for continued growth.

We take a lot of pride in our employees and that’s why we take our hiring process seriously.

See what to expect in our hiring process.

Being a force for good starts at home.

At TransUnion, our associates are our greatest asset. However, we understand that work is only one part of our associates’ lives. We recognize the importance of providing a healthy balance between work and home because that’s really where being a force for good starts.

At TransUnion, we encourage associates to embrace their uniqueness.

We see diversity as a source of strength and know it’s essential to our mission, innovation and growth. We realize our diversity helps us win. together.

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Veterans @ TU

Veterans @ TU is a group created by veterans, for veterans and their supporters. From military experience, veterans bring a level of leadership, discipline, loyalty and a collaborative mindset that helps make our workforce great.

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Women @ TU

Women @ TU strives to build a stronger and more diverse workforce, and foster individual development by educating, supporting and advocating for women’s growth and leadership opportunities across the organization.

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Out and About, our LGBTQ networking resource group, creates a platform to empower LGBTQ and allied associates to live their story in an open, accepting, and respectful environment.

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Upcoming Professionals @ TU

Upcoming Professionals @ TU is a network built upon relationships between colleagues in the early stages of their career. Upcoming Professionals @ TU promotes cross-collaboration while inspiring a sense of community through shared experiences.

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Peace of Mind @ TU

Peace of Mind's mission is to foster a mindful, peaceful, happy and productive work environment by aligning the mind and body through support of contemplative practices that serve to increase awareness, acceptance and appreciation.

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Hispanic and Latino @ TU

The mission of FUTURO, our Hispanic and Latino networking resource group, is to enable the Hispanic community at TU by celebrating its culture and promoting professional development at TU and beyond.

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African Heritage @ TU

The African-Diaspora Alliance’s mission is to advocate for a company culture rooted in diversity and inclusion by embracing all those of African descent and their allies through empowerment, networking and career coaching.

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Asian Culture @ TU

The mission of Pan-Asian Connect is to develop tomorrow's innovators and thought leaders by establishing a community where TU associates can learn more about Asian cultures and create connections.

What’s next?

We’re on an exciting journey at TransUnion and looking for enthusiastic team members who believe in using information to improve peoples’ lives around the world. We invite you to explore #LifeAtTU.