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Sr. Engineer, Information Security

What does a typical day look like for you?

I always start my day with a fresh cup of coffee. My team meets each morning to set the tone for the day. We discuss daily goals, any concerns, and catch up with one another. Since I work closely with the Information Security team, much of my day consists of managing and expanding the capabilities of our access management tools to ensure the right people have access to the information they need across our offices. After our meeting, I set up my goals for that day and get started.

One of the most rewarding elements of being on Technology at TU is the projects you’re part of make a huge impact on our overall functions — which in turn make our products more robust and efficient. Our operations continue to expand, which means the products and services you work on truly pave the way for the future for our communities around the globe. Every day, you’re surrounded by individuals who share their perspectives on solutions that ultimately create limitless potential for everyone.

Our teams work at the forefront of technology to meet the needs of our clients around the world. What excites you for the upcoming opportunities on your team?

It’s an exciting time to be at TransUnion. As we continue to evolve our products and solutions, this ultimately creates an opportunity to do some really great work. Since I drive the effort on the globalization of our access management tools, one of the things that excites me right now is the process we’re taking to integrate a secure gateway into the cloud. We’re leveraging a hybrid-based infrastructure to deliver solutions at the pace of the digital world. This not only creates exciting work for the people on my team, but also creates opportunities for our customers to make more informed decisions.

You mentioned you work on the globalization of access management. Why is this so important?

Over the past five years, the company has doubled in size, ultimately requiring a more streamlined approach to our infrastructure. We have offices all around the world, which is why my work is heavily related to the procurement and access that’s granted across our different offices. It’s crucial we have an active directory that enables each region to access the tools they need. Consumers and clients rely on us so they can make informed decisions, which is why I’m excited about what we’ve accomplished — but also thrilled to see what’s next.

Our values and beliefs are what help us all win together. How would you describe our workplace culture?

The most unique trait at TransUnion is the emphasis of ownership within its culture. Everyone works on their projects and does the best they can because while we’re all working on a team, we value each person’s contributions. It’s been incredible to work with intelligent people who are all driving to achieve their own ambitions and ready to collaborate with one another. Our culture also encourages everyone to bring their unique ideas to work and inspire others. I’ve enjoyed working with the people at TU because we all understand the role each person plays. My manager has also been incredibly supportive of making sure we uphold these values and beliefs throughout our day-to-day activities. Everyone is working closely together to deliver quality products by maintaining a high level of communication and support amongst one another.

We also have a variety of events and employee resource groups that everyone can be a part of. It’s made it super easy to meet new people across the company.

Do you have any advice for someone who may be looking to join the Information Security team at TU?

When you think of technology, it’s inherently fast-paced, and that means by nature, information security is also very nimble. My advice to anyone looking to join Technology at TU is three-fold. Be ready to learn, grow and innovate. I’ve learned a lot and continue to pick up new skills every day, specifically when it comes to understanding various ways to solve tough challenges. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and bring up your unique perspectives. Everyone here encourages each other to do their best work no matter how big or small the project may be. For me, TransUnion’s workplace environment suits me the most because of its agile nature in pushing boundaries to understand the path to possible. As I said, no day is ever the same, and if that excites you, then you’ll be a great addition to the team!


Manager, Database Engineering

Before joining TU, how have your previous roles set you up for success?

Prior to joining TU, I had many years of experience working with database and leading a small team. Like most IT professionals, I was accustomed to working with a variety of different projects, whether it was a planned implementation or production incident. I was also very familiar with many of the methodologies and processes I use in my role as the Database Engineering Manager today, so it was a smooth transition for me when coming to TU.

Since joining the company, there’s been continuous manager training to ensure we’re equipped with the proper tools to help everyone be successful. I feel confident in my ability to lead my team and make sure everyone is able to do their best.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day so many things are changing that my typical day is not so typical. In the mornings, my family of five wakes up around 8 a.m. and we have a light breakfast. My wife and I then help get our children ready for their class meetings, before logging in and starting the day.

I begin by responding to inquiries that came in overnight — usually requests our team needs implemented in Chennai, India. Most days, I’ll then have a number of Skype meetings with my team, other managers or project teams, and occasionally with some of my database vendors. These meetings can range in subject from discussing current or past production issues, giving or receiving updates on current projects, planning out database strategy, or learning about the latest technology offerings affecting my team.

It’s exciting to catch up with everyone and see their progress on a wide range of projects. Toward the end of my day, I’ll have a final Skype call with the Database Operations team as they hand off to the second shift resources coming online. Then I’ll wrap up my workday with final emails or instant messages with my team. It’s incredible working with so many people even though most of us work out of different regions. In the evenings, my family and I stay active and spend some time together over dinner or streaming a movie. After that, it’s time for bed — and we do it all over again the next day.

As a manager, how do you maintain a collaborative atmosphere for your team?

I manage associates in Chicago, Austin and Atlanta. We’re all very used to working from home and use Skype to share screens and meet together. My team also has regular ‘knowledge transfer’ sessions where individuals present new things they’ve learned on projects or through training. This allows us all to help each other succeed and do the best possible work. One of the best elements about my team is we all make sure other members are involved when we’re implementing large projects to ensure everyone is familiar with the solutions we deliver.

If someone is interested in joining the team, what skills are needed to be successful at TU?

I think one of the most important skills is problem-solving. No matter what position you’re in, you’ll come across a challenge you’ll need to solve effectively. Having the skills to know how to overcome those challenges can make you a key player. I also think you need to be flexible and able to adapt to change because it’s a very dynamic, fast-paced work environment. Lastly, you need to be collaborative because working at TU, you’ll work across several different departments that each touch meaningful work.

You’ll also have the ability to develop your skills, whether that be functional coding or interpersonal skills. There are resources we offer our employees so they can expand their knowledge and learn new functions to bring their best to work each day. We also have a resident career development coach that every employee can set time with to figure out next steps.

What’s your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend would have to include nice summer weather, watching my kids play baseball and softball, playing some tennis, having beers at the beach, and a barbeque with friends and family. It would also be great to catch a few innings of the Cubs completing a four game sweep!


Scrum Master, Technical Infrastructure & Support

What is the most rewarding part about being in technology?

The most rewarding part about being in technology is being surrounded by innovative products and solutions on a daily basis that make our processes and automation stronger and efficient. It’s rewarding to know the work I’m doing benefits our customers and everyone in the company. Every day, I can come into the office and achieve my goals by helping customers see the path to possible. With so many internal opportunities, TU as a whole is especially encouraging of you moving amongst teams to create the career you want.

How have your previous roles set you up for success?

My previous roles helped me tremendously in my current position. I’ve had an opportunity to learn how to build strong relationships with customers, interact with leadership on a daily basis, and balance the workload of high-priority items across multiple teams. I couldn’t be more grateful of the skills I attained from previous roles and how they help groom me into a better person every day.

But it doesn’t stop there. Being at TU, I know I’m on a team and we’re on this technology journey together. Our customers turn to us for solutions that solve their toughest problems, and my team and managers are dedicated to ensuring I have the skills I need to be the best. As a TU associate, there are dedicated learning programs so you can continue to brush up on new programming languages as they becomes available. Having the ability to pull from the skills I acquired from previous roles, along with new skills I’m now gaining on the team, I’m incredibly excited to see what’s next at TU.

At TU, one of our values and beliefs is we all make a difference every day. How do you make a difference on your team?

This in particular is one of my favorite TU values because each individual I’m surrounded by does impressive work for the greater good of the company, fellow associates, and our communities. Each day, we come to work ready to contribute our ideas that make a direct impact on the business. I know I make a difference on my team by assisting engineers with any impediments or blockers on their projects. I lead touchpoint meetings every morning to help understand challenges and how I can help resolve them efficiently without it affecting our timeline. Being on the Systems Engineering and Programming team, I get to work with so many great people within technology at TU.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

One of my favorite places I’ve visited so far is Oahu — or as I like to call it, “little paradise” on earth. It’s an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian island chain and home to the state capital, Honolulu. It’s a beautiful island with white sand beaches, dormant volcanoes and iconic landmarks.


Sr. Consultant, Cybersecurity

As technology and cybersecurity continues to evolve, how has TU set you up for success?

TU has set me up for success by providing me with a collaborative learning environment. Over the course of my time here, I’ve found asking questions is absolutely crucial to being successful in your work. Everyone is willing to help each other out no matter how big or small the question may be. The second I need any help or clarification, I know the people on my team are willing to talk through anything. Because of this, I’ve learned so much — not only about cybersecurity but how to be a great team member as well. My managers make sure I have the tools I need to stay up to date with all the programming languages and anything else that comes up in our industry. As technology continues to evolve, TU focuses on more than just the associate experience but also the journey ahead.

You were an intern on the team before joining full time. What was your internship like and how did you know this was the right fit for you?

My internship at TransUnion was the most positive experience I could have asked for. As an intern, I was enabled to develop an entire process on my own, as well as maintain that process and corresponding applications. I’m always thinking of ways to improve or automate processes here — and that’s because at TU, everyone welcomes new ideas and solutions. Thinking of new ways to improve and perfect existing projects is a characteristic my internship team instilled in me, and I continue to use that every day as a full-time employee. I knew after working in that environment, that this was the right organization for me.

I was given the option to extend my internship and work while I continued to finish my degree. The flexibility and trust my team put into me is not comparable to anything else I’ve experienced. TU has such a positive and proactive work environment that everyone can benefit from. I was promoted after graduation from college to a position my team felt reflected my value to TU. My managers invested their time to ensure my onboarding was based on my value and merit. This was especially impactful to me considering I’m in the early stages of my career and my youth easily could have been the determining factor in their decision. Instead, I was able to take on more challenging projects. I can find no better example of how TransUnion’s environment reflects its commitment to its employees, and it’s a perfect fit for me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

In the morning, I go to a daily “stand up” meeting where my team discusses progress on current projects. Then, I begin to plan out my day and determine the tasks that have to be completed. Usually, I’ll start with some development work if I have any open projects. I usually work on building out some new processes internally and for external teams that need the support. A lot of my day is spent with other teams orchestrating their processes efficiently.

I also handle much of the work that supports our cloud platforms. After having conversations with the team, that’s when I weigh in my expertise and determine how we’ll implement their operating models. After that, we’re tasked with designing new environments that are both secure and effective. Working in an environment like TU has been an amazing experience where each day is different from the last.

If someone is interested in joining technology at TU, what advice would you give them to make sure they’re ready to join the team?

If someone is interested in joining technology at TU, I would tell them to prepare themselves for constant growth. Here at TU, we’re constantly improving our existing infrastructure, as well as bringing new, better ideas into the environment. In my opinion, technology hires at TransUnion are all about your potential to see the journey that lies ahead. If you enjoy learning and are excited about challenges, you’ll be a great addition to the team!

What is something you can’t live without?

I’d have to say board games! I love spending time with friends and family playing games that require you to really use your brain — especially because they keep your brain stimulated. They’re also fun to collect and that’s the charm!


Manager, Network Infrastructure

What motivated you to choose a career at TU?

That’s a great question but also so easy to answer as it’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed at TU — the culture and experience. It’s only gotten better over the years because of all the new ideas everyone brings to the organization. TransUnion brings out the best in people through our employee resource groups, career development tools, parental leave benefits and so much more. The thought process making sure everyone can be their best while at TU.

On top of our culture, the work we all do is impactful. I can be working on a project that enhances our global infrastructure so we can build powerful products all the way to working on redesigning our file transfer systems for quicker load up times. All of this work is focused on achieving the same goal — using Information for Good®. The technology team finishes each project with the expectation of continuously improving it to solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

From a manager’s perspective, what’s your advice to anyone looking to join the technology team?

I tell all prospective candidates two things when they ask why they should come here. One — you’ll have freedom to expand your knowledge, along with room to express yourself and the atmosphere is great. No matter if you’re just entering the workforce or an experienced technologist, there’s room to learn and grow at TransUnion. We have a belief within TU, and it focuses on the idea that we all make difference. As I manage my team, I take this thought into all of project conversations. My advice to anyone looking to join our technology team is come with questions and feel empowered to own the work you do. It’s so important everyone says what they need to say in regard to improving a function of one our products or backend operations. This is a place where ideas thrive, which is why I would encourage anyone looking to join our team to bring their innovative ideas — because that’s what keeps us on the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries.

How would you describe your career journey at TU?

My career journey at TU would be best described in three words — legacy, range and vision. I’ve worn many hats and accomplished many things in 24 years here. I describe my time at TU with those three words because I truly own my work and strive toward enhancing our infrastructure into the future.

I’m a manager on our Network Infrastructure team leading efforts to ensure everyone across our global offices can connect with one another. I originally joined the team as an engineer on our sales team, and have since pushed the envelope and grown in my career. Being on the technology team has been a really rewarding experience for me because I’ve been given several opportunities to continuously try new things, and the environment is super supportive.

TransUnion encourages everyone to bring their authentic self to work each day. How have you been able to combine your passion with the work you do?

Every day, I’m able to bring my best to work because of how encouraging our atmosphere is. TransUnion has been so supportive of my interests and hobbies — so much that I’ve had the opportunity to bring all my talents to work. One of my favorite things to do outside of work is make music that people enjoy. I’ve been given such a unique opportunity to play music at our TU-related meetings or events as the main DJ. I’ve also started TU’s very first #FeelGoodFridays where associates can logon during their lunchtime and enjoy a few good tunes virtually.

The feedback from the team has been great and really emphasizes how connected our culture is, and shows how much leadership is committed to highlight everyone’s unique skills and talents. If I review my career at each step, I was empowered to go beyond the definition of the particular position and explore the “what if.” Not only was I allowed but encouraged and supported along the way. That kind of foundation has provided me with a level of comfort that feeds into me just being myself. I get to do what I love at work while also leading my team and driving new projects that push the boundaries of the team.

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