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ConnectPay Exponentially Improves Customer Experience With Multifactor Authentication

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ConnectPay’s SMS authentication solution caused deliverability issues and a lack of security assurance, resulting in an influx of customer complaints and the inability to complete account transactions.


TransUnion Multifactor Authentication was implemented across key touch points in the customer journey, allowing ConnectPay to customize a transaction-based authentication process and deliver a more seamless and reliable experience.


Since implementing TransUnion Multifactor Authentication, ConnectPay has seen major improvements to the customer experience, as evidenced by a 100% decrease in customer inquiries related to the authentication process.

“Security and fraud prevention is paramount to our customers, due to the large volumes of money at stake. TransUnion helps us ensure our customers' funds are secure, and we can prevent and manage fraud to the degree that is expected of us.”

– Marius Galdikas, CEO | ConnectPay

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