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Top 5 P&C Insurance Carrier Mitigates TCPA Risk with Neustar

The Challenge

A top five property and casualty insurance carrier was manually scrubbing landline vs. wireless numbers to reduce the risk of TCPA violations. The carrier felt they had a strong handle of their own records, finding that 7M of their 31M phone records were wireless and required immediate attention to avoid TCPA violations. But they wanted Neustar, a TransUnion company, to confirm the accuracy of their findings.

Key Takeaways

  • 10M additional wireless phone numbers identified
  • x2  numbers identified to mitigate risk of TCPA violation

The Solution and Outcome

TruContact Compliance Risk 

Neustar provided additional phone-to-name matching and predictive insights on activity levels associated with each number and scored each number for risk of dialing.


The Outcome

We helped the carrier uncover 17M wireless phone numbers — more than double the original assessment. The additional consumer intelligence provided transformed the carrier’s dialing strategy, leading to additional operational efficiency.

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