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UMB Bank Stops Fraud in Credit Card Applications

Case Study02/20/2020
Business Fraud and Identity Management
Image for the case study titled UMB Bank Stops Fraud in Credit Card Applications

Between fraudsters applying for credit using stolen identities and risky transactions coming in from a range of geographies, it was difficult for UMB to know who to trust online.

By leveraging device recognition, device reputation, link analysis and pre-set alerts, the bank was able to tie related accounts and devices together and better understand each applicant’s true location. 

Using a proactive approach, UMB was able to stop bad actors at the front door, expose and stop a Florida identity theft ring, and realize a 100% reduction in fraudulent credit applications.

“While people continue to try and commit fraud, there’s no question that IDVision with iovation is a fantastic tool in stopping them from getting through both the online and mobile application process. The device intelligence solution allows UMB to prevent fraud every single day. That, in turn, helps keep our customers protected, engaged and satisfied.”

– Cristina Koder, Check Fraud Operations Supervisor

UMB Bank Stops Fraud in Credit Card Applications

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