Credit Management Solutions

Our online consumer credit management solutions help your clients evaluate risk throughout the customer lifecycle—from origination to account management.

Credit Report

Help your customers make confident and consistent credit decisions. Our credit report includes a consumer’s name, address and, when available, Social Security number, employment and public record data, credit history and both inquiries- and collections-related information

Credit Summary

Provide a way to analyze the different categories of information within the credit file, such as the number of mortgage tradelines or the number of past due accounts. Our credit summary presents a concise snapshot of a consumer's financial profile by summarizing information from public records, tradelines (both status and type), collections and inquiries.

Inquiry Analysis

Give your customers access to indicative information from inquiries performed by other TransUnion customers within the last 90 days. Inquiry Analysis includes the subscriber’s name, member code and inquiry date, along with the input used to perform past inquiries. It also assists in resolving outstanding accounts and provides confirmation that an existing address is still valid.

Creditor Contact

Enable your customers to contact creditors and public record subscribers listed on a credit report with questions related to information appearing in a credit file. This includes subscribers appearing in the public record, trade account, collections and inquiry sections of the credit report.