ID Verification Solutions

Our online identity verification solutions help your customers confirm the identities of new and existing clients.

ID Mismatch

Help your customers verify applicant information prior to opening an account. This solution compares customer identification data on an application against database information, highlights inconsistencies in surname, address and Social Security number and flags invalid ZIP codes. ID Mismatch aids in preventing inaccurate or fraudulent data from becoming part of a consumer’s file. Inconsistencies can result from data entry errors or attempted fraud which may cause the loss of critical time and money.

ID Manager Verification

Improve operational efficiencies, deliver consistent verification treatment and assist in compliance with regulations. ID Manager Verification connects your customers to multiple third-party databases to help verify legitimate consumers faster while flagging suspicious or fraudulent data for appropriate treatment before pulling a credit report.

ID Report

Identify the best-matched consumers to help your customers focus their location efforts. ID Report can be used to locate account holders and provides verification of names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers. Your customers may receive up to eight consumer files with corresponding indicative information on each.

SSN Report

Help your customers verify consumer data by accessing credit database information. Using only the Social Security number (SSN) as input, the TransUnion SSN Report will return up to six consumers that match the provided SSN and provide new addresses and details that may enhance your customer’s verification efforts.

Phone Append

Assist in enhancing operational efficiency and resource allocation for your customers. TransUnion Phone Append is an add-on service that attaches a 10-digit telephone number or private number indicator to numerous TransUnion services. Customers get access to an updated telephone number in conjunction with a credit transaction.