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Credit Disputes FAQs

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How do I dispute an item on my credit report? If you believe there is inaccurate information on your TransUnion credit report, you have three ways to request an investigation of information. There is no fee for filing a dispute. Online:
Through the online dispute submission process at
By toll-free telephone number at 800-916-8800. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays) from 8 am to 11 pm Eastern time. You should have a copy of your TransUnion Credit Report before calling this telephone number. The credit report will contain a File Identification Number (File Number) that will be needed by the representative helping you.
By mailing your dispute request to:

TransUnion LLC
Consumer Dispute Center
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016
Please have the following information on hand to complete your dispute:

  • Your TransUnion file number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Company name of the disputed item (from your credit report)
  • Account number of the disputed item (from your credit report)
  • Reason for your dispute (such as, it is not your account; you have paid the account; etc.)
  • Any corrections to your personal information (address, phone number, etc.)

At your request, TransUnion initiates an investigation of any credit information disputed by you. TransUnion may make changes to your credit report based on information you provide with your dispute. Otherwise, upon receipt of your dispute, TransUnion contacts the company reporting the information you disputed, supplies them all relevant information and any documents you included with the dispute, and instructs them to review your dispute, verify all information they are reporting about the account, provide us a response to your dispute, and update their records and systems accordingly. Investigations are usually concluded within 30 days of the date we receive your request. We recommend allowing up to 30-45 days for the dispute process. At the conclusion of the investigation, we will notify you of the results. If you initiated your dispute via the online form, you will be notified via email when results are available online, and if you initiated via mail or phone, you will receive results by mail. If our investigation has not resolved your dispute, you may add a 100-word statement to your report. If you provide a consumer statement that contains medical information related to service providers or medical procedures, then you expressly consent to TransUnion including this information in every credit report we issue about you. If you wish to obtain documentation or written verification concerning your accounts, please contact your creditors directly. You may also request a description of how we conducted the investigation or file a complaint about TransUnion or the business reporting the disputed information with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or your State’s Attorney General’s office. Note: Before you ask us to investigate an item on your TransUnion Credit Report, we recommend you order your report at: Additional instructions on ordering by phone or by mail are also available on this website. Supporting documentation When submitting your dispute, list each item you believe to be inaccurate, including the specific account number, creditor and reason you feel the information is incorrect. You can also submit documents to support your dispute. Some documents that may be helpful, depending on the type of information disputed, include:

  • Police reports or an FTC Identity Theft Report, showing that an account was the result of identity theft
  • Bankruptcy schedules showing that an account was included in or discharged in bankruptcy
  • Letters from creditors showing how an account should be corrected
  • Student loan disability letters showing that a student loan has been discharged due to disability
  • Cancelled checks showing that a collection account has been paid
  • Court documents regarding public records

How do I check on my investigation request? You may check the status of your dispute online, or contact our Consumer Relations department at 800-916-8800, Monday through Friday 8 am through 11 pm Eastern time to check on the status of your dispute. You will be required to provide the file number listed on your credit report. If you submitted your investigation request at, a file identification number will be included on the updated report or letter sent to you at the conclusion of our investigation.

How do I update my address on my credit report? To update your address, send your update request along with two of the following qualifying documents:

  • Drivers license
  • State ID card
  • Bank or credit union statement
  • Cancelled check
  • Government-issued ID card
  • Signed letter from homeless shelter
  • Stamped post office box receipt
  • Utility bills (water, gas, electric, or telephone)

Mail your documentation to TransUnion at: TransUnion LLC
Consumer Disclosure Center
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19016
When providing proof of your current mailing address, please ensure that any bank statements, utility bills, cancelled checks, and letters from a homeless shelter are recent and not older than two months. All state-issued license and identification cards must be current and unexpired. P.O. Box receipts may not exceed more than one year in age. Please note that any electronic statements printed from a website cannot be accepted for proof of address.

Why can't I dispute my credit score? A risk model is a statistical tool used by some creditors to evaluate information associated with extending credit to a particular consumer. Risk is predicted by means of a scorecard, which calculates the numeric value, or score, for each credit applicant or account holder. The score is calculated as a result of data processing activities performed by TransUnion for a creditor after the credit report is assessed, based on statistical analysis. A score is not part of your credit report, and is not calculated for all creditors. Scores are calculated only upon the request of a creditor inquiring on your credit report. Accompanying each score, we provide a list of the factors in the credit report that most significantly affected the calculation of the score. As the information in your credit report changes, the score will change. Credit history information in your credit report, including the number of inquiries, outstanding balances, number of accounts, age of accounts, etc., is considered when calculating the score. Therefore, we are unable to accept a dispute regarding your credit score and cannot advise you on how to improve your score. We can, however, investigate the information on your TransUnion Credit Report if you believe it is inaccurate or incomplete. Note: TransUnion does not make credit decisions, and does not maintain information on how a specific creditor uses a score. You can contact the creditor directly to discuss how your score was used.

What if I submit more than one dispute at the same time? We will investigate all of the records in question during the same time period. At the conclusion of the investigation, you will receive a report reflecting all of the results. Please allow 5-7 business days following the completion of our investigation for mail delivery. Please note that if the dispute investigation was initiated online, you will be notified via email and can view the results of the investigation immediately.

Why is my employment information incorrect? What is listed in your TransUnion Credit Report as your last reported employment is actually the most recent employment information provided by credit grantors. Employment information is typically reported from applications for credit and therefore is not regularly updated. This information is generally not used by credit grantors or employers in making their decisions, but is typically used for demographic purposes.

My credit report contains another consumer’s information, how can I fix it? A mixed file occurs when the files of two or more people are unintentionally combined, which could occur when consumers have similar personal information. If you believe that your TransUnion credit report has been mixed with someone else’s, please follow the dispute process to notify us. You should also:

  • Check your credit report with the other bureaus to ensure they are accurate, and check your report annually to ensure accuracy.
  • Identify all of the information that doesn’t belong to you, which could include accounts, addresses and other identification information.
  • Ensure that your personal identification information is complete, and includes your full name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and complete address.

If you believe that the incorrect information may belong to a family member, be sure to let us know during the dispute process.

My credit report mistakenly reports me as deceased, how can I fix it? If you have mistakenly been reported as deceased on your TransUnion credit report, please follow the dispute process to notify us.

My family member is deceased. How do I note that on his/her credit report? We recommend that you follow these steps to update a deceased person's credit report. Step One:
Contact all creditors that the deceased person(s) did business with and request that they mark their files accordingly. Be sure to forward a copy of the death certificate, once you receive it.
Step Two:
Check with the Social Security Administration to ensure that they have updated their files and notified the credit reporting companies. Refer to the internet or the blue page of your local telephone directory for the address and phone number of the nearest Social Security office.
Step Three:
Forward a copy of the death certificate to one of the three credit reporting companies; the receiving bureau will notify the other two companies. Along with the death certificate, please include the person’s legal name, Social Security number, date of birth and date of death. The letter should also include the name and mailing address for the spouse or executor for the deceased.
You can mail your information to TransUnion at: TransUnion LLC
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016

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