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Identity Manager Authentication

Obtain comprehensive identity proofing with knowledge-based authentication

Help ensure your customers’ privacy while providing them with a fast, convenient self-service experience. Initiate a knowledge-based question-and-answer session to help further confirm identities in consumer-not-present environments.

The complexity of these knowledge-based authentication sessions and passing criteria can be adjusted based on risk levels of a given transaction. Deliver this solution to your customers through an easy-to-use online interface or a flexible XML-based option, which integrates easily into your existing system and processes.

Application examples:

  • New customers applying for the first time through the lender’s web channel may be required to answer three questions correctly in order to gain access
  • Existing customers transferring funds may need to correctly answer two questions

Identity management process flexibility

The authentication component can also accommodate multiple identity management strategies simultaneously. Plus, it delivers real-time reporting, including access to 90 days of historical transaction activity to help you make faster, more well-informed decisions.
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