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Identity Manager Verification

Identity management solutions must address multiple issues across your business – not just fraud. Improve operational efficiencies, deliver consistent and reliable verification treatment and comply with regulations with the enhanced TransUnion Identity Manager Verification solution.

Access this easily configurable solution connects your organization to multiple third-party databases to verify legitimate consumers faster, while flagging suspicious data for appropriate treatment.
  • Make more comprehensive and faster decisions on consumer identities
  • Control costs and improve customer satisfaction by reducing manual reviews
  • Reduce exposure to fraud through extensive alert messages and identity risk scores
  • Comply with regulatory requirements such as Red Flags and USA Patriot Act
  • Access a dedicated team of consultants

Implement your ideal identity verification solution

Improve verification results with access to multiple databases. And leverage our industry best practice solution settings or configure the verification settings for your unique business needs.

Identity Manager Verification delivers multiple results using extensive credit and non-credit databases:
  • Verification Summary: Provides a quick reference verification score and risk determination
  • Multisource Matching Summary: Delivers detailed match-level results indicating how well the input data matched against available databases
  • Alert Messages: Notifies subscribers of data discrepancies, suspicious data and known fraud
  • Plus other data output results, including OFAC name screen and a fraud model score
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