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Capitalise on Change: A Robust Guide for Growth in Uncertain Times

Marketers stand on shifting sands: The cost of living crisis denting consumer wallets; the sunset of third-party cookies disrupting customer journey insights; and economic fluctuations adding layers of uncertainty. Yet, we're expected to continually drive growth.

In these turbulent times, safeguarding marketing budgets is vital. But with half of marketers unsure of their optimal marketing mix, how can we confidently navigate the choppy waters of marketing effectiveness?

Download our eBook — Capitalise on Change: Driving Growth in Uncertain Times — built from invaluable insights gained through a riveting dialogue Transunion initiated (Capitalise on Change) with esteemed panelists from Google, HSBC and Audi, and enriched with key analyses from TransUnion’s Consumer Pulse Study, a revolutionary international survey series. The report dissects challenges, uncovers actionable insights that empower marketers to thrive amidst change, and answers pressing questions like:

  • What’s driving change and how fast is it coming?
  • How can brands move at the speed of unprecedented change?
  • What is the role of marketing in these conditions and how does it continue to add value?
  • How do you strike a balance between short-term and long-term in an era of privacy restrictions and consumer choice?
  • What are the effective measures for marketing and business performance?
  • How can brands strategically plan under uncertain conditions?

Master marketing in challenging times — download now.

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