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The Ultimate Unified Identity eBook Today's Data-Savvy Marketers Need

Find out how to tap into the true power of customer data at last

Let's state the obvious: You’re marketing to people not identifiers. People who want a unified customer experience with your brand, not just online but offline as well. It’s your job to deliver a rich, relevant, consistent and streamlined personal experience. That means eliminating silos and point solutions with unified identity. Unify your fragmented data, technology and internal processes to meet today's customer expectations.

Read this eBook to:

  • Discover the true impact of data chaos across quality, privacy and performance
  • Learn how to break down silos, cut costs and create cohesion across your organization
  • Acess the tools you need to improve your data hygiene, enrichment, activation and optimization
  • Find out how unified identity is empowering leading brands to drive gains in conversions, incremental sales, return on ad spend, and more

About the eBook

Data and technology were supposed to spell the end of indiscriminate, mass-media campaigns and usher in a new era of advertising efficiency built on finely tuned targeting. But, by and large, advertising is just as wasteful today as it ever was before. We’ve just gone from knowing that waste exists (and living with it) to believing that waste doesn’t exist (and not doing anything about it). That's actually worse, but it doesn't have to be that way. Some brands in a few choice industries are doing things right. And to achieve that feat, many are turning to unified identity.

Plus, see for yourself how TransUnion customers are leveraging unified identity to:

  • Boost campaign reach by 5x
  • Improve conversions and incremental sales by 30%
  • Save up to 20% in data costs by cleaning up bad data
  • Increase return on ad spend by 130%
  • ...and more

The future of identity has arrived!

Download this eBook to learn about the core principles of unified identity and why it's time to get in the game.

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