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Partner with a leader in Revenue Protection™ to prevent revenue leakage.

TransUnion Healthcare has enabled our provider partners to recover over $4.3 billion in cash by leveraging our market-leading revenue cycle technologies, extensive consumer data assets, and deep insights into consumer financial behavior and reimbursement methodologies. Our best-in-class data and analytics can help you confidently engage patients early in the financial process, ensure earned revenue gets paid by identifying and maximizing reimbursement opportunities, and optimize collections strategies to streamline processes and reduce costs.

How do we help protect your revenue?

Revenue cycle management begins before a patient walks through your doors and ends when you successfully collect all payments. TransUnion Healthcare Revenue Protection™ solutions prevents leaks in this process by enabling you to:

  • Confidently engage your patients early in the financial process to help them better understand the financial aspects of their care, resulting in a stronger likelihood of payment
  • Ensure your earned revenue gets paid by maximizing reimbursement opportunities on both uncompensated care and underpaid accounts
  • Optimize your collections strategies and reduce costs to collect by segmenting patient accounts into the optimal payment workflow path based on the patient's unique financial situation

“The tool [ClearIQ] is unique in that it presents a clear picture of a patient’s identity and financial situation. So in addition to generating an accurate estimate of what the patient owes, it also allows registrars to determine presumptive charity care and likelihood of payment right at the point of service. This allows them to tailor their message to the individual patient when asking for payment.”

- Karen Guida, Director, Riverside Health System

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  • - Revenue Manager
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