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Ambulatory and Physician Practices

Optimize reimbursements, streamline the patient financial experience and reduce bad debt.

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Our solutions provide clarity about the unique financial behavior of patients and help reduce uncompensated care for a wide range of specialty markets, including:

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Powered by market-leading data and analytics, these solutions offer flexible delivery models and pricing strategies.
Insurance Discovery Product

Insurance Discovery

Quickly discover missed eligibility information prior to manual collection efforts. Our turnkey Insurance Discovery solution performs targeted searches of accounts based on propensity to have incremental, reimbursable coverage — resulting in faster, more valuable outcomes.

Accounts Receivable Recovery Denial Management product

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Recovery and Denial Management

Maximize reimbursements from all payers in the shortest time and at a lower cost to collect. Our Accounts Receivable Recovery and Denial Management solution helps improve recoveries from claim denials and underpayments.

Patient Financial Clearance product

Patient Financial Clearance

Increase cash collections by verifying patient identity, correcting contact information and determining a patient’s propensity to pay. Our Patient Financial Clearance solution also provides information on likelihood to qualify for financial aid, hardship exemptions and payment plans.

Patient Payment Estimation product

Patient Payment Estimation

Generate accurate estimates of patients’ out-of-pocket responsibilities to streamline point-of-service collections and empower staff to comfortably address financial costs of care with patients.

Ambulatory Dental Market

Financial Pathway

Better manage your dental organization’s collection risk and cost by assessing patient payment risk, determining the best financing options, setting up payment plans and automating billing. Our Financial Pathway solution leverages proprietary credit and alternative consumer data to assess patients’ ability to pay and provide tailored payment plans to best meet their needs — optimizing revenue and enhancing patient engagement.

Insurance Eligibility product

Insurance Eligibility

Verify patients' benefits and insurance eligibility prior to or during registration to enhance collection efforts. Our automated Insurance Eligibility verification solution can help reduce denials for medium to large specialty practices.

Learn more about our tailored solutions for ambulatory and physician practices.

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