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Hospitals and Health Systems

Create a better patient financial experience and prevent revenue leakage

Not all hospitals and health systems are the same. TransUnion Healthcare offers best-in-class, customized patient access and revenue recovery solutions to protect your revenue and help position your organization for success.

Our tailored revenue cycle solutions help acute care hospitals, academic medical centers (AMCs) and ambulatory and physician practices.

Capture accurate patient demographics and insurance eligibility information

Help determine patients' out-of-pocket costs and likelihood of payment

Help improve care coordination and assist with patient safety protection by identifying duplicate or mismatched patient records

Collect more point-of-service payments and improve patient engagement

Qualify patients for financial assistance or charity care programs

Capture hard-to-find insurance coverage

Identify Medicare Bad Debt, DSH and uncompensated care

Ensure revenue gets paid on Transfer DRG and missed shadow billing opportunities

Maximize reimbursement from all insurance payers

Reduce patient re-admissions by identifying potential health risk factors using powerful, actionable social determinants of health data

Targeted approach for academic medical centers

We offer a highly-tailored insurance discovery and payment integrity solution for AMCs given the nature of your complex billing issues. Our Revenue Assurance solution utilizes advanced technology and a manual review process by billing, regulatory and revenue cycle experts to help AMCs recover revenues and discover the hardest-to-find coverage.

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