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Help your customers prevent revenue leakage with market-leading revenue protection solutions

TransUnion Healthcare’s market-leading patient access and post-discharge revenue recovery solutions, when coupled with your existing product suite, arm your customers with best-in-class Revenue Protection® solutions to maximize reimbursement and enhance the patient experience.

Complement your current offerings to help drive growth to your business.
insurance eligibility product

Healthcare Insurance Eligibility

Capture accurate insurance eligibility and benefits information up front for your clients, and:

  • Decrease time spent in accounts receivable
  • Reduce denials
  • Maximize reimbursement
patient payment estimation product

Patient Payment Estimation

Enable your healthcare provider clients and their patients to generate accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates for medical services. Our Patient Payment Estimation solutions help:

  • Increase point-of-service collections
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Improve price transparency efforts
patient identity verification product

Patient Identity Verification

Streamline verification of patient identity, address and demographic data for your clients in order to:

  • Improve their patient registration process
  • Help ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Reduce returned mail costs
patient identity matching solution

Patient Identity Matching

Help improve patient identification to enhance care coordination and help protect patient safety with our Patient Identity Matching technology. This solution helps:

  • Reduce patient misidentification by finding duplicate and mismatched patient records
  • Link patients to their record
  • Streamline costly, manual internal identity matching processes
patient financial clearance product

Patient Financial Clearance

Provide your clients with the information needed to engage patients early in the financial process and optimize their collection strategies. Our Patient Financial Clearance solutions help your clients determine a patient’s:

  • Willingness and ability to pay
  • Likelihood to qualify for financial assistance
claim status product

Claim Status

Accelerate your clients’ claim resolution and help reduce their denials and A/R days. With our electronic Claim Status solution, you can:

  • Receive detailed, up-to-date claim status information
  • Prioritize and work only the accounts that need attention
insurance discovery product

Insurance Discovery

Find additional coverage for your clients that other eligibility services miss. Our Insurance Discovery solution helps providers:

  • Quickly discover missed coverage
  • Bill for coverage prior to manual collection efforts
other health insurance discovery product

Insurance Discovery for Payers

Identify potential first-in-line insurance coverage for your clients’ member claims. Help your payer clients:

  • Recover payment for incorrectly paid claims
  • Improve your coordination of benefits process
social determinant risk attributes product

Social Determinant Risk Attributes

Make better population health management decisions by proactively identifying and addressing social risk factors. Our Social Determinant Risk Attributes, when used along with your client’s clinical and claims data, can help:

  • Population segmentation for better care management
  • Determine healthcare usage patterns
  • Develop effective treatment strategies

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