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Discover innovative, data-driven mortgage lending solutions with an experienced business partner by your side

Mortgage industry professionals constantly struggle to stay ahead of consumer trends to mitigate risk and maximize returns. It’s imperative to find prospects who are currently shopping for a mortgage—or will be in the near future—and intelligently engage that targeted audience at the right time, with the right offer.

Improved Customer Acquisition and Retention

Avoid spending limited resources pursuing consumers who may not be approved or are outside of your geographic footprint. Using your specific credit criteria, TransUnion’s acquisition tools can help you determine eligible prospects who are most likely to book a mortgage with you.

Proactively prescreen mortgage prospects and pinpoint consumers expected to be in the market for a mortgage in the near future using advanced propensity models. Further, get notified when certain consumers are applying for a mortgage. Not only can this can fuel reactive acquisition campaigns, mortgage inquiry triggers can help you manage your current portfolio as well. If one of your existing borrowers is applying for a mortgage elsewhere, you’ll know it.

Mortgage leads and prospects


Enhanced Behavioral Insight

Gain unparalleled insight into potential customer behaviors through TransUnion’s propensity models. Powered by CreditVision® trended credit data, which show up to 30 months of a borrower’s credit history, these reports have proven to be more predictive of a consumer’s future credit performance than traditional scores. In fact, Fannie Mae has rendered it the new standard in evaluating mortgage applicants.

Data in Action
A recent study conducted by TransUnion found that 13.8 – 17.1 million potential first-time homebuyers will enter the housing market in the next five years, the majority of which will be 20 - 39 years old. Based on those findings, we used CreditVision data to build a propensity model that enables you to identify first-time homebuyer candidates in your footprint.

Performance-Driven Relationship

Homebuyers’ and sellers’ behaviors can be predictable—you just need the tools to listen. At TransUnion we take a consultative approach to provide you with the right solutions to help meet and exceed your goals.

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