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Detect Insider Threat

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Difficult to detect malicious insider threat

Insider threats are often discovered only after the fact. Current and former employees, contractors and business partners may pose a risk of cybercrime and fraud. It's difficult to detect insider threats, but the issue is real. In fact, 29% of IT leaders believe that cybercrimes are most costly and damaging when caused by insiders.* What's at stake is data security, operational integrity and possible fraud. Agencies need new ways to identify potentially malicious insider threat behaviors.

29% of IT Leaders believe Insider cybercrime is the most costly and damaging

of IT Leaders believe Insider cybercrime
is the most costly and damaging1

1 Source: The 2017 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey, in partnership with Forcepoint, CSO, U.S. Secret Service, and CERT Division of Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

Identifying and Reducing Insider Risk

Chris Cummiskey, Former Acting Undersecretary for Management at DHS, discusses how to recognize insider threats.

Smarter insider threat programs

Completely preventing insider threats is virtually impossible.
However, with a strong insider threat program, reducing risk can be accomplished.

Insider Threat Venn Diagram

To implement a complete insider threat program, agencies should adopt a data collection and monitoring framework that includes the following:

Organizational Processes
Helps detect suspect attitudes and behaviors

  • Culture
  • Performance reviews
  • Analytics
  • Workflows

Internal information
Helps identity suspect use of internal data and resources

  • Cybersecurity controls
  • Activity monitoring
  • Internet traffic
  • Data loss

External information
Helps uncover at-risk individuals and suspect associations

  • Traditional credit
  • Alternative financial
  • Public records
  • PAEI
  • Device intelligence

Using this framework enables agencies and contractors to better identify insiders who should be considered for threat evaluation and investigation.

Enhance Insider Threat Programs
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