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Build your customer base and streamline transactions with our data, fraud and identity solutions.

In our fast-paced world, today’s customers expect and demand a quick, pleasant and secure experience, whether in person or online. Yet, fraudsters are also evolving, making it more difficult to identify potential fraud fast enough to avoid significant losses. TransUnion offers a variety of solutions to help you more confidently identify good customers and seamlessly move them through the customer lifecycle, while mitigating risk.

To assist our retail and ecommerce customers, we offer solutions that address the onboarding and transaction process. We provide scoring and analytics products that give you a more comprehensive picture of consumers. You can then use our digital marketing solutions for engagement, appropriate targeting and retention. We also offer fraud and identity management solutions to help you verify and authenticate consumers at point of sale, in your call center, or in digital channels. We want to arm you with the tools you need to acquire the right customers, make sound offers and combat fraud—all which enable you to better cultivate loyal customer relationships and drive a healthier bottom line.

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