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Stop Fraudsters Before They Reach Your Contact Center

Fraudsters are beating legacy defenses supporting the IVR and agents. Only one-third† of call centers feel strongly they have a handle on fraud while just 9%¹ of consumers are "very confident" financial institutions can keep their data secure.

This begs the question: How well prepared are inbound call centers to distinguish fraudsters from customers over the long term? Now more than ever, call centers must find new ways to handle high volumes of inbound calls safely and efficiently.

Download this infographic to learn how forward-thinking financial institutions are stopping fraudsters before they reach the IVR or agents, while letting good customers through faster. It explains:

  • How fraudsters take over contact center accounts today
  • Six call center fraud myths and realities that influence successful phone fraud prevention
  • Three steps to block out fraudsters and improve average handle time (AHT)

¹ 2022 State of Omnichannel Authentication Survey