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Expedite Customers to Checkout While Preventing E-Commerce Fraud

Insight Guide01/01/2020
Business Fraud and Identity Management
Expedite Customers to Checkout While Preventing E-Commerce Fraud image

We’re in a new age for consumers, who hold most of the power in today’s market. Consumers expect both privacy and opportunity. They want faster, safer and easier transactions tailored to them, yet are more protective of their data and skeptical of those who want it.

Businesses must adapt to digital transformations, rising expectations and new competition. Consumer experience needs to be balanced against the realities of organized fraud, and new regulatory mandates for stronger customer authentication. TransUnion provides e-commerce solutions that satisfy the competing demands of catching fraudsters, authenticating good consumers, and providing great experiences.

Your challenges:

  • How to authenticate consumers while stopping account takeover attacks
  • Stopping e-commerce fraud without increasing friction
  • Provide great, personalized experiences while reducing fraud

How TransUnion Stops E-Commerce Fraud

TransUnion's fraud prevention, authentication and identity verification solutions leverage global networks of robst credit, non-credit and device data with machine learning models to stop fraud and abuse against your business, such as:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Friendly fraud
  • Triangulation fraud
  • Promotions abuse
  • Policy and license violations
  • Shipping Fraud

Download the full insight guide to learn how to overcome modern fraud and authentication problems - while improving the consumer’s shopping experience.

Expedite Customers to Checkout While Preventing E-Commerce Fraud

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