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Grow New Credit Accounts While Shrinking Application Fraud

Grow New Credit Accounts While Shrinking Application Fraud Image

Consumer experience is paramount in the credit industry. As part of the overall brand experience, new standards have emerged for friction-right, instant access to sites and mobile apps. Yet this experience needs to be balanced against the realities of organized fraud, and new regulatory mandates for stronger customer authentication. TransUnion provides credit issuers the solutions that satisfy the competing demands of catching fraud, authenticating good consumers and providing great user experience.

Customer authentication and fraud prevention solutions for credit issuers.

Your challenges:

  • Improve the login experience without sacrificing security
  • Stop CNP fraud without hurting your good customers
  • Authenticate customers while stopping account takeover
  • Fight fraud and abuse across ever-changing vectors
  • New accounts are your lifeblood, but a doorway to fraud
  • Different risks exist at each part of the customer journey

Download the full insight guide to learn how TransUnion can help you combat these challenges while providing a great customer experience.

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