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Stop Telecommunications Fraud While Speeding Up Good Customers

Insight Guide01/01/2020
Business Fraud and Identity Management
Stop Telecommunications Fraud While Speeding Up Good Customers image

Stop Fraud in Real Time

The communications industry is fast evolving, and facing a number of challenges. Key among those is carriers having to diversify into services like streaming media, advertising and digital content in order to stay competitive. This has introduced complexities in trying to manage the same account across multiple services. It has also introduced new fraud threats that carriers have to combat, including rising account takeover (ATO), phishing scams, social engineering of call center agents, and increasing hardware theft.

Your challenges:

  • Stop ATO without adding customer friction
  • Fight fraud and abuse across ever-changing vectors
  • Improve the login experience without sacrificing security
  • Stop hardware losses without losing potential new customers
  • Curb rising call center fraud
  • Provide a unified login experience across all channels

TransUnion's fraud prevention, authentication and identity verification solutions leverage global networks of robst credit, non-credit and device data to stop fraud and abuse against your business, such as:

  • New account fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Payment fraud
  • ATO
  • Prepaid card fraud
  • Shipping fraud
  • Call center fraud
  • Synthetic identity fraud

Download the full telecommunications insight guide to learn more about emerging trends and threats, and to find out how TransUnion can help you overcome these challenges.

Stop Telecommunications Fraud While Speeding Up Good Customers

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