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Amazon Connect Clients Can Improve Answer Rates on Average by 56%

With call spoofing and scams at an all-time high, and close to 88% of business calls going unanswered, getting voice calls through to customers can be a challenge.

Consequences of unanswered calls include a poor omnichannel experience, decreased revenues, lost customers, increased costs and more — not ideal for your business.

In our eBook, we share the top five benefits your organization can achieve by implementing TruContact Branded Call Display.

Branded Call Display Benefits

  • Increase ROI: Reverse revenue loss and increase incremental income by 18%–22% with branded calling.
  • Protect your brand: Help prevent spoofers from using your brand.
  • Increase engagement and improve answer rates: Increase answer rates by up to 56% by adding context to calls.
  • Maximize your mobile reach: Reach over 375 million devices.

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