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Trends in Auto Financing: The State of Leasing

Over the last two years, the auto financing market has softened as lease returns and buyouts with no follow up auto credit activity are on the rise — impacting lending volume and even more severely, leasing. In fact, leasing penetration is down by almost half; more than twice the decrease in lending.

To understand the current state of leasing, its key drivers and implications for auto dealers and lenders, TransUnion studied post-termination behaviors of consumers who terminated a lease between July 2021 and June 2022. Download our quick guide to discover:

  • How leasing has changed in the past two years
  • What consumers who were in a lease did next, and the credit characteristics of those transactions
  • Consumer loyalty to car brands, manufacturers and segments
  • How dealers, manufacturers and lenders can identify consumers more likely to lease
Trends in Auto Financing

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