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Retail Consumer Pulse Infographic 

Q4 2023

Our quarterly Consumer Pulse Survey explores consumers’ recent personal finance and fraud experiences, and what financial changes they expect in the future. For an overview of our findings, download TransUnion’s latest Consumer Pulse Infographic which revealed:

  • The percentage of consumers who said they’ll increase spending on bills and loans, digital services, discretionary personal spending, in-store or online retail shopping, large purchases, and retirement funds and investing
  • Why consumers said they used buy now, pay later services
  • How concerned consumers said they are about inflation
  • The percentage of consumers who said fraudsters targeted them with email, online, phone call or text messaging fraud attempts in the last three months, and the most frequent scheme by which they reported being attacked

Tap into fresh insights about how US consumers view their financial lives and experience fraud to inform your business’s decision making. 

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