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2022 Holiday Shopping Report 

More than half of consumers are concerned with fraud this holiday season

Despite the challenges facing consumers — inflation, fear of recession and tragic events in the US and abroad — holiday shoppers appeared to be in fairly high spirits leading up to the 2022 holidays.

Top factors behind the increased enthusiasm include: consumers being in a better financial position this year; excitement about a return to normalcy coming out of the pandemic; and a desire to shift focus from negative events happening around the world.

More findings included:

  • Nearly three times as many consumers planned to do all their shopping in stores this year compared to 2021
  • More than a third of consumers were more concerned about being a victim of fraud or identity theft when compared to last year
  • Free shipping and hassle-free returns remain critical components of the e-commerce shopping experience for consumers

Get more exclusive insights about shopper attitudes in the full report.