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Make Waves With Next-Gen Marketing Solutions


The new frontiers of precision marketing are here. With fresh channels emerging, media consumption patterns changing and consumers increasingly taking the reins on privacy, legacy strategies are going to be swept out with the tide.  

But you’re not alone in these uncharted waters. TransUnion is here to solve for your most pressing consumer data, advertising and measurement challenges with an expanded suite of privacy-enhanced solutions tailor-made for today’s marketing landscape.  

TruAudience™ Marketing Solutions bring together the power of TransUnion and Neustar to enable connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most — improving advertising effectiveness with cutting-edge technology across the full breadth of marketing needs:  

  • Identity — Leverage TruAudience identity solutions to limit inaccurate or incomplete customer data, and augment relevant data with rich demographic, behavioral and psychographic attributes — all while solving for signal loss with our advanced identity graph.   
  • Audiences — Employ advanced segmentation to understand your best customers, build custom, high-performing audiences with intuitive creation and syndication tools, and develop lookalike prospect audiences with the same attributes as your top performers.  
  • Activation — Onboard and activate your data across channels; easily personalize your content based on real-time insights and verified customer attributes; and distribute audiences to more than 100 media platforms, including addressable TV and streaming audio.  
  • Analytics — Minimize media waste by gaining unparalleled insight into your campaign performance; dig into how touchpoints at all levels of the funnel are impacting conversion; and identify new customer segments to ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time.  
  • Data collaboration — Collaborate with partners across the ecosystem without sharing PII, and leverage our clean room solutions to transform your marketing measurement without having to move a single byte of data.  
  • Credit marketing — Optimize your credit marketing strategy by creating precisely targeted audiences, presenting relevant offers across channels to eligible consumers, and achieving higher approval rates by reaching customers further down the purchase funnel.  

We’re excited to share our vision for the next generation of performance marketing, and explore how we can help you overcome the challenges of today —and prepare for what’s possible tomorrow.    

To learn more about TruAudience Marketing Solutions, download our TruAudience Overview.

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