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Rebuilding Trust in Calls: 2023

New U.S. enterprise survey reveals financial impact of negative call experience

Robocalls and call spoofing aren’t just having a negative impact on US consumers, they’re also hitting enterprises hard. While call authentication standards like STIR/SHAKEN have been implemented to help combat these issues, legitimate calls are still getting blocked or marked as spam — affecting customers’ experiences — and business’s revenues.

This second edition of research (commissioned by TransUnion and produced by Omdia) is based on a Nov. 2022 survey of 361 large US enterprises operating across 7 industries.

Key takeaways:

  • Scams and illegal robocalls are a huge problem for US consumers and enterprises
  • STIR/SHAKEN, designed to mitigate call spoofing, can also mistakenly block legitimate calls or mistag them as spam
  • Those at the majority of enterprises surveyed said phone calls remain one of the most popular and important channels (ahead of mobile apps, email and social media), but customers, wary of fraud, just aren’t answering
  • The level of financial impact negative call experiences are having on US enterprises suggests a strong incentive for addressing the ramifications of scam robocalls and systems designed to mitigate them

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