Fight Rising Uncompensated Care

Ensure Revenue Gets Paid Throughout the Entire Revenue Cycle

Uncompensated care is a common challenge for many healthcare organizations. A recent factsheet from the American Hospital Association noted uncompensated care in U.S. hospitals jumped to $2.6 billion between 2015 and 2016. The trend will likely continue, but you can better manage it by optimizing your strategy.

In this insight guide, Jonathan G. Wiik, MSHA, MBA, Principal of Healthcare Strategy at TransUnion Healthcare, provides information on navigating this obstacle and ultimately reducing leaked revenue. Jonathan shares insights on:

  1. Why uncompensated care is rising and what specific factors are impacting the increase in leaked revenue
  2. How revenue can be recovered on the front end by finding available funding sources
  3. Taking control of aged self-pay accounts after the point of service

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