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Security threats are a growing – and expensive – epidemic. But a data breach or fraud event doesn’t have to destroy your organization.
Data from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) places 2015 as the second highest year on record for U.S. breaches¹. Here are some key statistics embedded within that finding:

  • Organizations within the healthcare sector were most frequently targeted². 
  • The cost of a data breach for an organization increased to $6.5 million 
  • The cost per record averaged $217.³

Patient and employee data security cannot be left to chance. 

Data breaches can reduce confidence in institutions and expose affected individuals to the possibility of grave threats. TransUnion’s suite of solutions acts as a safeguard for patient and employee credit data, personally identifiable information and overall privacy.



32015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Ponemon Institute LLC, May 2015

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