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Episode 12: Dynamics, Trends and the State of the Credit Market (Part One)

To close out the year with a bang, December’s Extra Credit episode is a double-header. Paul Siegfried, TransUnion Head of Card and Banking, joins Josh and Craig for a two-part podcast where he shares his perspectives own current consumer and competitive trends in the credit card market, and how issuers can differentiate and position themselves for growth. 

In part one of episode 12, the conversation explores the financial health of the American consumer and credit market dynamics, including how issuers are faring relative to other lending institutions, and what they’re thinking about as they look to 2023. Paul also reveals what issuers should expect from fraudsters and offers thoughts on how to best mitigate risk.

Plus, in true Extra Credit tradition, Craig gets Paul’s motor running with some hard-driving trivia on one of Paul’s favorite subjects.

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